When you have a complex project looking at more than a temperature check, iTrack360 is the solution. iTrack360 looks at a design from every angle. We tailor iTrack360 to fit your needs, your budget and your objectives. Every project is different and we don’t use a canned solution to answer your complex questions. We combine the best parts of qualitative and quantitative research methods for a truly comprehensive look into consumer behavior. Eye tracking research is at the heart of the iTrack360 solution and we add classic market research methods to create a well-rounded approach. Most of our client projects fall into the iTrack360 category.

iTrack Wearables

Eye Tracking Glasses


Eye tracking glasses allow you to see how consumers react to an experience in a real-life setting. This research is often used in retail to evaluate messaging, user journeys, and marketing. The ability to capture real time behaviors and eye gaze data allows us to understand the full consumer experience. Using this tool, we can see through participants’ eyes and better understand how they interact with different messages in any environment. Typically, we'll include classic research methods as well.

Virtual Reality


Eye tracking in immersive virtual reality has transformed how research can be conducted. In virtual reality, we have complete control over the environment and can test designs in ways that were previously difficult and costly. We can create virtual retail experiences to gain deeper insight into the experience, without having to mock up a retail location. Participants can experience direct mail designs, without having to print a single piece. This ground-breaking technology gives us new ways to predict real-world behavior.

The Eyes Have It | More Effective Political Ads

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Over 140,000 websites are created every day. In this growing technological world, there is an ongoing competition for consumer attention. While User and Market Research can point you in the direction of an effective and user friendly website, it can be difficult to obtain concrete data about your website’s true […]