In-Depth Interviews

In-depth interviews (IDI) are one-on-one with a moderator and a participant. IDI's are best used when your target persona is scarce or difficult to engage with. These interviews typically last 30-60 minutes and really dig deep into the personal preferences of your target customer.


One of the more commonly used research methods, this allows us to collect a large number of responses without geographic limitations. Our surveys often have an interactive component, allowing your target persona to engage with your designs from the comfort of their own computers.

Focus Groups

Focus groups can be a great way to get feedback from your potential customers. Typically, we use focus groups during the early phases of research. Focus groups are moderated by a trained moderator. The goal is to keep the setting informal and natural.

User Research Vs. Market Research: Why the Turf Wars Hurt Us All

By Sara Heineman

User research and market research . . .  similar names, very different disciplines. Classic market research and user experience are different, but at their core, they are very similar in terms of processes and goals. Both of their end goals are to figure out how to improve the product and […]

How to Get the Most from Your Research When Using a Vendor

By Sara Heineman

Here are some ways you can maximize your research without paying extra. 1. Pay attention to the planning and set-up (This is the most important part) We’ve all been involved with projects that begin with one or two clearly defined objectives; but somehow, in the end, the goals are not […]

Is it really a pricing page if you don’t include the price?

By Discida Team

In my opinion, no, it’s then a glorified “Contact Us” page. The most frustrating thing for all types of customers to run into when researching products is a “Pricing” page that lacks price. Now we can all understand that frustration; especially as we’re often looking for products that fall within […]

Directing the User Experience: Effective CTAs

By Bailey Moulden

A Call to Action, often referred to as a CTA, is an appeal to the user. The purpose of a CTA is to generate a particular, desired response from your prospective customer. The “Buy Now!” at the bottom of an Amazon product page or a “Learn More” link on a […]

Whitespace: The Power of Nothing

By Discida Team

More does not always equate to better. When creating a website, too much information can lead your user to be confused, overwhelmed, and eventually drive them to exit your website. The solution: whitespace. Whitespace is the empty design between elements. It gives your content and users room to breathe. Contrary […]