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Tracking the value of your brand is now easier and more affordable than ever before.

Not your typical marketing measurement tool.

All the complexity of scientific research without the expense. One simple, unbiased metric communicates the effectiveness of your marketing strategies.

Connected Score

How does it work?

The Brand Health Score breaks down four key attributes of your brand and tracks how each evolves over time.

To arrive at your brand’s score, Discida’s data scientists use artificial intelligence to produce incredibly accurate, machine learning-based results in four core areas of brand equity:

  • Performance
  • Knowledge
  • Recognition
  • Loyalty

These results roll into a simple score – your Discida Brand Health Score – that is easy to communicate and track over time.

What sets it apart?

  • Flexible. White-label the score or leave the Discida name on for added credibility. Your choice.
  • Hyper-personalized. Discida’s rigorous subject screening process goes far beyond what most marketing research firms deploy.
  • Reliable. Discida’s data scientists continually feed the algorithm with learnings from big-brand studies, helping it learn what consumers think and feel and how their impressions change over time.

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