How do you measure your brand's health?

The Discida Brand Health Score™ is a proprietary algorithm designed to assess a brand’s positioning and equity—essentially the overall health of a brand.

It all starts by measuring a company's perception across key brand attributes, that combined create our Pillars of Brand Health. The score factors in awareness, recall, and loyalty to provide an overall Brand Health Score™ that is perfect for benchmarking and tracking a brand over time.

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What are the strengths and weaknesses of your key brand attributes?

Our expert researchers have identified several key attributes that relate to the overall health of a brand. Each attribute combines to form our Pillars of Brand Health. By understanding how the target audience perceives you and your offerings, you can create more targeted marketing campaigns.

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How familiar are consumers with your brand?

Awareness is at the heart of every marketing strategy. Our Brand Health Score factors in the level of awareness the target audience has of your brand and product offerings. We don't just measure if they are aware of you, rather we measure the depth of awareness to give a fine-tuned final score.

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Is your brand top-of-mind with your target audiences?

It's no secret that strong brand recall is a key indicator of the overall health of a brand. With this measure, we're able to quantify the strength of your brand's connection to your product category.

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How much brand love do you inspire?

Brand love is more than a buzzword. Our Brand Health Score measures the degree of loyalty maintained by your target audience. By measuring the strength of that loyalty, we're able to create a score that helps you understand the health of your brand.

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