Research Manager


Sara Heineman is a PRC certified research professional who joined the Discida team in 2016. As a UX Researcher at Discida, she specializes in combining traditional marketing research methodologies with UX to optimize her client’s user experiences. Her primary responsibilities include managing projects from their inception—guiding the project through recruitment, design, testing and analysis, before writing final reports and presenting the results to key stakeholders. Before joining Discida, she spent 16 years at a boutique market research firm assisting a wide variety of business and industries, before a short stint on the client side at a national educational assessment organization.

Sara holds a B.A. in Marketing and Management from Wartburg College. She has been a member of the Marketing Research Association, now the Insights Association, since 2006 and earned her Professional Researcher Certification that same year. She completed the Certificate of Professional Development in Management Ground Rules in 2002 and attended the Advanced School of Marketing Research in 2011.

Which is best: market research, user experience, or a hybrid? Answer: It depends.

By Sara Heineman

Picture this: You are sitting in your office the Monday following Thanksgiving break, digging your way through the pile of work related emails that found their way to your inbox over the weekend. You see one from the CEO and CFO that catches your eye. The subject line reads: New […]

How to Get the Most from Your Research When Using a Vendor

By Sara Heineman

Here are some ways you can maximize your research without paying extra. 1. Pay attention to the planning and set-up (This is the most important part) We’ve all been involved with projects that begin with one or two clearly defined objectives; but somehow, in the end, the goals are not […]

User Research Vs. Market Research: Why the Turf Wars Hurt Us All

By Sara Heineman

User research and market research . . .  similar names, very different disciplines. Classic market research and user experience are different, but at their core, they are very similar in terms of processes and goals. Both of their end goals are to figure out how to improve the product and […]