Chief Development Officer


Alyssa is the Chief Development Officer for Discida, and is focused on client success. She works with clients to achieve their goals, optimize campaigns, and create better user experiences through research. Alyssa has a knack for creating innovative research plans, sampling from multiple methods and best practices across industries to provide results that are outcome focused and action oriented.

Alyssa has spent the last several years working to create the signature services Discida offers including Snapshot Eye Tracking, the Dash Platform, and the Discida Brand Health Score. She holds degrees in Marketing and Psychology, a perfect blend for modern marketing research. She has been recognized as an innovative leader in science and technology.

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Discida On The Street

By Alyssa Nolte

‘Loyalty’ is the Risk Axis of Brand Health

By Alyssa Nolte

Are you considering a risk within your marketing approach? Bold, attention-getting moves can reap big rewards. But, before you leap, there is one very important aspect of your brand health you have to consider – Loyalty. Brand loyalty is a factor every marketer wants to better understand. That’s because high […]

The Importance of Recognition to Overall Brand Health

By Alyssa Nolte recently engaged our team of data scientists to research the brand health of several solutions within the software company’s automated marketing product suite.When it comes to customer relationship management (CRM) software, Salesforce is a highly recognizable name. Yet, there were still a few surprises for our team when they […]

Is Your Brand Performing as Great as It Should?

By Alyssa Nolte

Anyone who has worked for an organization long enough develops a very good sense of where it shines and where it could use improvement. This instinct often guides marketing efforts and determines where to invest resources. People trust their gut – and let’s face it – devoting the time and […]

‘Knowledge’ is the Easiest to Change of the Four Brand Health Score Factors

By Alyssa Nolte

Even if your business sells the most obviously useful product or service, remember: the laws of consumer perception still apply. A fundamental principle among consumers is a dislike of the unknown. It translates in this basic way from a marketing perspective: People are more likely to do business with companies […]