Chief Development Officer


Alyssa is the Chief Development Officer for Discida, and is focused on client success. She works with clients to achieve their goals, optimize campaigns, and create better user experiences through research. Alyssa has a knack for creating innovative research plans, sampling from multiple methods and best practices across industries to provide results that are outcome focused and action oriented.

Alyssa has spent the last several years working to create the signature services Discida offers including Snapshot Eye Tracking, the Dash Platform, and the Discida Brand Health Score. She holds degrees in Marketing and Psychology, a perfect blend for modern marketing research. She has been recognized as an innovative leader in science and technology.

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Research: The Best Defense Against HiPPOs

By Alyssa Nolte

HiPPOs are extremely dangerous, aggressive, and territorial. No, I’m not talking about the African mammal. HiPPO is an acronym for the “highest paid person’s opinion” or the “highest paid person in the office.” The acronym Read more…

The Super Hero

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Calls to Action: The Promise and The Consequences

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The Silver Bullet for a Great User Experience

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Responsive Design with UX in Mind

By Alyssa Nolte

Responsive design is a term you’ll see a lot this year. It means your website will detect the kind of device being used to view it and accordingly modify the website to best fit that Read more…