We here at Discida have someone very exciting to introduce... Meet our newest employee, Cohen!

Cohen the Irish doodle accompanies Mom (i.e., Sara) to work at Discida a few days a week. As Chief Morale Officer, Cohen is responsible for greeting all visitors and keeping the research staff happy and relaxed—he is not above snatching an important piece of paper or interrupting staff meetings if the office vibe gets too serious. He can often be found patrolling the halls for signs of danger, or snacks, and is almost always up for a walk along the bike trail, assuming it doesn’t fall during a designated nap time (e.g., morning nap time, mid-morning nap time, post-lunch nap time, etc.).

Additionally, Cohen has implemented a strict 2:00 p.m. exercise break for all employees. At two o’clock sharp you will find him running around the office, encouraging anyone and everyone to jog some laps with him. Cohen also enjoys leading office-wide treasure hunts through the various building garbage cans, which are apparently a good place to look for new and interesting toys.

Naturally, the 2:00 p.m. exercise break is immediately followed by a long afternoon nap. During nap time, Cohen can be found in one of his many chosen snoozing areas, including: Mike’s comfy chair, in-between Bailey’s feet, or in his kennel—conveniently located right next to Mom’s desk.

Away from the office, Cohen enjoys handing out with his Goldendoodle BFF Malley, playing with his kids Carver and Vienne, or snuggling up with Mom on the couch.


Follow Cohen’s office adventures on Instagram @cohen.discida

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