I am a super consumer of the news and all things internet.  Frequently, my husband comes home to tell me about some news story he read hoping to tell me about something I hadn’t already seen. Because he knows I love marketing and twitter – he told me about the latest craze of brands asking other brands to prom.

miami airport prom tweet

My immediate reaction was more cringeworthy than anything else. I can’t really get onboard with the promposals when it’s teenagers. Do we really need to make everything into an instagram post?

However, my business mind started working. From a marketing perspective, how do these tweets achieve the goals of the company?

Are people more likely to fly out of the Miami airport because of this tweet? Probably not, people rarely choose their airport departures based on the tweets of that airport. Are more people eating at Wendy’s because of these tweets? Maybe, but fast food and airports are usually rooted in convenience – not tweets.

Yet, here I am talking about Wendy’s and the MCO airport. So maybe their strategy does work. However, when it comes to the bottom line their social media strategy isn’t moving me to purchase.

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