So you’re getting ready to launch a new ad campaign and you’re feeling anxiety about the last couple of imaging decisions you made. Should you have put the words of the ad directly in the center after all? Will this new design really catch people’s eyes?

With the advance of new eye tracking technologies, you’ll be able to set those anxieties to the side and see for yourself what works and what does not. Eye tracking is a process that tracks where a person looks on any given image or interface. Traditionally, eye tracking has been used to study human behavior and improve user interfaces, helping them become more intuitive. But, these methods are a powerful tool for understanding ad effectiveness as well.

These tools are so advanced that they are being utilized in cars and on computers as a new “point and click” method! While awareness of this technology is not yet broad, it’s on the rise, and it’s going to be integrated into many products as time goes on. There’s no doubt this method works and speaks volumes about the way humans look at things.

When you can see what a person looks at, you have a glimpse into what they are processing in their brains when they see a certain image. You may not be able to see all their thoughts, but you are able to see which ad design or web design directs the eyes to the target message most effectively.

Discida (formerly iTracking Research), is a small research firm that provides services to web designers, ad designers, video producers, and any other creative designer, helping them find the most effective, intuitive designs for their project. We do eye tracking tests on your product and report our findings back to you, allowing you to make the most informed decisions in your work.

Three easy, affordable steps can give you a new glimpse into your customer’s mind: a power every businessman dreams about! Sit back, relax, and let us evaluate which design will work best for your business or freelance services.

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