Infographics have become the new style for presenting information visually. These innovative images are found everywhere, from online publications to Pinterest. Some say we will see infographics on the side of milk cartons before we know it.

This creative visualization tool has been incredibly useful in content marketing. We live in an era with enormous amounts of data. Although this information is important, it is only meaningful to those who understand it. Infographics capture attention while getting your intended message across. The trend is completely changing how people communicate with their target audience.

Just how popular has this visual trend become?

Job search site Indeed lists 229 jobs for infographics designers nationwide, with huge companies seeking out talented designers. These companies want to convey their numbers and figures visually because it’s an engaging way to communicate their data and information.

Infographics can resolve an overload of uninteresting information making it easy to break down data that might have otherwise been very burdensome for the reader. They make data more intuitive and appealing, bringing the information to life. Visualization is truly powerful.

Of all methods for analyzing and communicating statistical information, well-designed data graphics are usually the simplest and at the same time most powerful.
-Edward Turte, Author of Visual Display of Quantitative Information.

The best thing about the infographic trend is they’re very easy to design. Because they’re so visually appealing, many people assume it’s a complex creative process. Fortunately, technology has helped make infographics extremely simple to create, with sites such as Canva and Piktochart.

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