User Research

Persona Building

We believe there is nothing more important than talking to the right audience. Persona research helps you understand who your target persona is and what they think and feel regarding your designs.

Persona research is an ongoing process. A well-defined persona often leads to a better return on investment for future research.


Benchmarking research is focused on understanding how your target persona interacts with your competitors' products. In this type of research, we take participants through a series of tasks using both your design and 1 to 2 competitors. This research helps you understand where your competitors succeed and where they fail, as compared to you.

Information Architecture

Card Sorting

Card sorting helps you understand and define the information architecture of your website in a way that makes the most sense to your users. This research includes "cards" with elements of your website. We ask your target persona to sort the cards into intuitive piles.

Tree Testing

Tree Testing is sometimes called reverse card sorting. The goal is to see how accurately a participant can sort a pre-existing information architecture (IA). Tree tests are often used after a card sort has been completed, as a final test of the IA prior to launch.

Website Audits

A website audit is a full analysis of your site's search-ability. In this research, we comb through your website and deliver a detailed report to help you understand the holes in your SEO. The goal is to detect weak points that affect the health of your site.


Task Analysis

Task analysis evaluates the ease with which a participant is able to complete a task online. Often, this research includes pre-defined tasks, timing metrics, path analysis, and quantitative measures of participant confidence. These research results help you understand your customers' ability to complete common or important tasks, and guide your design for easy task completion.

User Journeys

A user journey, sometimes called User Journey Mapping, is a comprehensive research method evaluating the overall experience from first impressions to conversion. User Journey research aims to build the journey from a customer point of view, not an internal one. Journey maps should capture customer perception of their experience relative to their goals, needs and expectations.

Mobile Device Testing

Mobile is the future. This research is focused on creating seamless and delightful mobile experiences for your users. This research includes mobile websites, mobile apps, and general usability of mobile devices. If you want your customers to use mobile, make sure it's an enjoyable experience, interchangeable with a computer.

Accessibility Audits

Changing requirements are coming, and we're here to help you be compliant. We offer initial audits and ongoing compliance checks. During an accessibility audit, we deliver a report detailing problem areas with recommendations on how to bring your site into compliance, a style guide, a checklist for future designs.

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